You Oh God

Andover brought me closer to God
{i was losing him before i came}
During years of famine, revolution, and economic collapse
{where were you when they needed you}
And I was caught up in classes, colleges, and friends
{you were always there to keep me safe}
I didn’t think religion mattered
{don’t ever let me go never never}
Until I sat in the chapel on a muggy rain-soaked day
{your doors were open}
And I told you everything that was wrong and right and okay {you listened listened listened}
There was an overwhelming sense of serenity, ease
{i feel you in my heart spreading love and salvation}
And I realized this is what I had been missing every Sunday
{praying to you oh God oh God my Lord and Savior}
Through strife and joy, I know where I can find you at Andover
{waiting for me in that stately glorious place}
Amidst the chaos of life, I can find my inner peace.

This piece was taken directly from the Out of the Blue book. To read more like this, be sure to check your mailbox or online on December 13.


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